Tyler Hill, MSIB '17, Hudson Lab. Bridged to Brandeis University Neuroscience Ph.D. Program

Aaron Ledet, MSCB '17, Smith Lab. Bridged to University of Texas-Austin Biochemistry Ph.D. Program

Verra M. Ngwa, MSCB '16, McMurry Lab. Bridged to Vanderbilt Cancer Biology Ph.D. Program

Juan Rodriguez, MSIB '16, Smith Lab. Bridged to Emory University BCDB Ph.D. Program

Crystal Smith, MSIB, '17, Ganser Lab. Bridged to MUSC Neuroscience Ph.D. Program

Class of 2018

Photo of Wendy Aquino-NunezWendy Aquino-Nunez, Hudson Lab

Project: Regulation of cnd1, an C. elegans ortholog of neuroD, a Kalman Syndrome gene

Wendy is original from the Dominican Republic and lived in Puerto Rico, where she obtain her B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a second major in English Literature from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Her research interests include the molecular bases of neuron and synapse regeneration. She is currently working with C. elegans where she expects to tailor her research find answers that can be applied in neuro-degerative diseases.

Mareena Whisby


Mareena Whisby, Griffin Lab

Project: Novel Applications of Biolayer Interferometry

Mareena is a KSU alumna, originally hailing from Macon, Georgia. Interested in all things microbiological, she began her masters work examining interactions between bacteriophage Sf6 and its receptor Shigella flexneri OmpA. After wrapping that up along with a few side projects, she is spending her second year working on aspects of molecular pathogenesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. She has developed experise in optical biosensing, particularly biolayer interferometry, piloting the first immobilization of whole phage on probes for analysis.

Photo of Shaquanna Young


Shaquanna YoungMcMurry Lab

Project: Delivery of Akirin fragments as inhibitors of chromatin remodeling in cancer cells

Shaquanna, a native of Milledgeville, GA, graduated from Albany State University with a B.S. in Biology. Her research interests includes disease-specific health disparities (e.g. diabetes, heart diseases) and drug discovery/pharmacology. 







Class of 2019 - Coming Soon!