The Peach State Bridges to the Doctorate is an NIH-funded project to increase the diversity of the nation’s biomedical research workforce by providing URM students with high-quality graduate educations at the masters level prior to transitions to doctoral studies. We create M.S.-to-Ph.D. bridges between Kennesaw State University and partner institutions (linked below): University of Georgia, Georgia Regents University (Medical College of Georgia) and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

We are actively seeking B.S. graduates who are dedicated to getting biomedical Ph.D.s but need training and coursework at the M.S. level to be successful in doctoral studies.

With multiple externally funded PI's and a new research facility, KSU's College of Science & Mathematic’s master’s programs in Integrative Biology and Chemical Sciences offer highly individualized, flexible and unique training and mentoring environments. Our doctoral partners are the flagship research institutions of the University System of Georgia and feature dozens of well-funded, high-impact doctoral programs ranging from basic biomedical science to biomedical engineering to clinical research. 

A network of active collaborative relationships among investigators at all institutions is leveraged to foster excellent graduate educations for URM students that feature cutting-edge training, high-quality mentoring and continuities of effort between M.S. and Ph.D. programs. Kennesaw State University is uniquely positioned scientifically, geographically, demographically and culturally to succeed in increasing the number of URM Ph.D. scientists.

Doctoral Partner Programs